We’re not a conventional webshop where we show you all pieces / styles we have in store. Here on the web we give you a more adventurous and personal journey through our style, vibes and selection of the collection. A journey in which you discover new information or collection pieces by weekly / daily new feed.

I don’t like taking selfies every day in all outfits possible (like a lot of my colleagues do nowadays) to improve sale. So I try to avoid (or minimize) that and just want to give you an impression of our general style, what we stand for and what you can expect by shopping with us at the OFFLINE STORE: DREIST – Wirichsbongardstrasse 12 in Aachen (Germany). To see all our collection pieces at once you have to visit this place.

When you see something here on our website you like, want or have questions about: you’re always welcome to write me for inquiries via the contact form or andrea@fier-store.nl.


OUR STYLE … is about quality, comfort, coolness and emphasizing the beauty of simplicity.

we love denim with (not basic) basics styled in a cool way and Maja Wyh knows how to show you.

What we like, what we love: … easy living!




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