We’re not a conventional webshop where we show you all pieces / styles we have in store. Here on the web we give you a more adventurous and personal journey through our style, vibes and selection of the collection. A journey in which you discover new information or collection pieces by weekly / daily new feed.

You can also find our collection pieces at DREIST (Wirichsbongardstrasse 12 in Aachen/Germany).

When you see something here on our website you like, want or have questions about: you’re always welcome to write me for inquiries via the contact form or andrea@fier-store.nl.


OUR STYLE … is about quality, comfort, coolness and emphasizing the beauty of simplicity.

we love denim with (not basic) basics styled in a cool way and Maja Wyh knows how to show you.

What we like, what we love: … easy living!




{find style-like fashion in store @ DREIST}