we love to present the new collection by MONOCRAFFT


The collection arose from a fascination for the famous surrealistic works of Dali. Dali once explained, “People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings.” He used methods as scale distortion, anatomical exaggeration and anonymity to achieve this. After carefully studying his work, we found a way to incorporate these methods. This resulted in eleven separate art pieces made out of sterling silver and 14K gold plated.

Shot entirely on location in Salton Sea California, the spot evokes a ‘surrealistic‘ type of story that reflects what the ANCHORED collection stands for; rawness, distortion, but romantically brushed.

Photo: Jennifer Kunes

Model: Dimphy Janse




Find pieces of this and earlier collections at DREIST / Wirichsbongardstrasse 12 in Aachen (Germany)